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Dr.Bharattha Selvamm BSMS.,DAM.,DSM., DA.,MA,MBA,

46/47, Anna  Salai, Swarnapuri  II Gate, Salem - 636 004.

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www.aspsonlines.com is a branch of  ASPS Matrimonial Services, located at Salem in Tamil Nadu, India.  This is a service oriented organization which was founded in the year 1985 by By His family Members ( ASPS GROUPS ).

                What, you've never heard of a planned marriage? Well don't worry, because it's a term we coined (in 1985) to more accurately describe the way by which users of this system get married. First a little background.

Individuals in Western cultures usually get married in a way referred to by the rest of the world as "love" marriage. The individuals meet without any pre-determined intentions to get married, begin dating, fall in love, become very involved in one another's lives and sometime get married. If things don't work out they break up and move on to another relationship.

By contrast Eastern cultures have in the past used a system referred to as arranged marriage. In this system the parents or guardians select the bride or groom and the individuals getting married have almost no say in the selection process. They fully meet one another only after being married. However, what the new generation of easterners now practice and still wrongly label as arranged marriage is really what we like to call planned marriage.

In a planned marriage the individuals getting married meet with the pre-determined intention of possibly getting married. They usually have a good idea of the type of person they are looking for and seek out only those individuals matching their preferences. After initial correspondence to determine mutual interest, they meet, possibly date, and decide whether a continued relationship through marriage is likely.

Planned marriage is unlike arranged marriage in that the individuals getting married have an active role in the selection process and it is unlike "love" marriage because the individuals meet with the pre-determined intentions of possibly getting married. Planned marriage combines the best of both worlds.

The Internet is the perfect medium for individuals seeking planned marriage. It provides them a global reach along with fast and free communication. The combination of an inexpensive ad on http://www.aspsonlines.com/ and a web based email account such as http://www.aspsonlines.com/ is all that is needed to get started in finding the perfect match.

And remember: if someone ever asks you "Did you have an arranged marriage", tell them "No, it was planned marriage" 

Since our Inception we have helped several people find their matches.  Our services include the following.

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